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#1 for various genre gospel, hip hop, urban, jazz 
We point you to the way, the truth,and the life.... 
WGGFRADIO.COM serving the music community since 2011.  We play the best in a variety of genres from hip hop, urban, worship, and jazz (everything gospel).  Tune in or call for more information 321-345-WGGF (9443). 
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Under the Radar 
Head Up Magazine is an urban magazine documenting community events, music, movies, and political events.  Check local newstands, get latest on business and health tips.  Head Up Magazine also features local models (male and female. Emal  
Check out videos from your favorite artists.  We support independent artists by featuring their videos.  WGGF RADIO appreciates feedback and suggestions.  Continue to hit us up  
Check out the Under The Radar show every Wednesday and Friday from 8-10 pm.  DJ Obadiah is one of the hottest DJ's in Florida.