WGGFRADIO is an internet radio station playing a variety of inspirational music from rap to urban.  WGGFRADIO has positive programming during airing hours.  WGGFRADIO also has talk show programs that are family oriented, family structured, and entertaining.  We take pride in demonstrating and making it known that we will not play any music that degrades a people, music that has misogynist lyrics, songs that have negative messages or images, and music that promotes illegal activity, violence, or excessive profanity.

WGGFRADIO is committed to playing the best positive music that is entertaining and soulful.  Our commitment to quality programming includes this in regards to music and videos.  WGGFRADIO will never post negative videos on our website.  We believe in a familiar biblical text that says “faith comes by hearing.”  We believe this scripture is certainly true and you become what you hear and listen to.

WGGFRADIO operates under the umbrella of the G2G Foundation which has been operating as a 501 (c) 3 corporation since 1999.  WGGFRADIO is based in the heart of Miami, FL, but our programming and listening audience spans the world.  Our broadcasting hours are from the morning until evening.

Since WGGFRADIO has committed to positive programming we always encourage and need the support of our listening audience.  Here are some of the ways you can assist. 

1. Tune in whenever sitting at your desk on your computer (you can hear the station on your phone). 
2. Tell at least 6 others about the station.  Word of mouth is important, pivotal, and effective.
3. Do your best to encourage us by sending emails, prayer, and calling in. 
4. Donate if in financial position to do so (most financial donations are tax deductible).
5. Participate in our success by supporting outreach, community events, and functions sponsored by
   WGGFRADIO and the G2G Foundation. 
6. Send this appeal via email blasts to your email contacts.  
7. Like our Facebook page. 
WGGFRADIO is committed to empowering individuals through entrepreneurial opportunities.  For more information on our entrepreneurial opportunities, send us an email.  For more information on programming click here.