The Red Pill is the truth and reality of what is going on in this 3 dimensional realm.  What you will read will expose you to the truth that makes men free.  The truth can be a brunt force object because it may cause pain and force you to confront all that you thought was truth.  You will realize that you were lied to, deceived, and dumbed down by upper echelons of government, schools, and churches.  It is up to you to inform yourself and make yourself aware.  Come out of the sheeple masses into the know. 

Once you see the truth, you will realize the lies were given from the government, education, and clergy factions of power.  The warning, before you enter and take the red pill stops here!  If you want the truth click into the red pill.  Come out of the babylon Revelation 18:4.  
click red pill to enter
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