It's the UNDER THE RADAR SHOW with your host DJ Obadiah

Obadiah has been DJ'ing for several years.  He was DJ'ying in the club when he heard El Elyon (Most High God)  speak to him.  El Elyon told him to switch teams and use the gift he gave him to strong arm His kingdom and the king Yeshua the Christ (Jesus Christ). 

Ever since then DJ Obadiah has been blazing up the turntables all across the country.  He is involved in community events, clubs, and wherever he has the chance to tell the masses about his commitment to Yeshua his Savior.

His Under the Radar Show is syndicated on other terrestrial and internet radio stations.  Tune in every Friday 8-10pm for UNDER the RADAR.

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Under the Radar Radio Show with DJ Obadiah
Under the Radar-host DJ Obadiah
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